3 The Best Rating under Desk Foot Rest


The best under desk foot rest is an indispensable tool for anyone spending a lot of time every day at the desk. Also in the office or at home. They are three the best under desk foot rest rating. First, kensington solemate plus. This is best for total regulation. The design is to reduce tension and muscle fatigue by supporting the legs at the best angle. The height can adjusted from 8.9 to 12.7 cm. The angle is adjustable up to 20 ° for a personalized comfort. The chosen position is stuck through the simple pressure of the foot.

The foot insert is slightly rough and non-slip. Sturdy and durable, the structure has a size of 450 cm x 350 cm (lxp). Second, fellowes microban under desk foot rest. This is best for antibacterial protection. Designed with a highly ergonomic design. This adjustable footrest contains a Microban antibacterial protection to combat the proliferation of harmful bacteria. The position is adjustable with the pressure of one foot and the platform freely oscillates back and forth to stimulate the blood circulation of feet and legs.

Joint pains are thus prevented, ensuring correct posture. It is an accredited product of Fira International, an independent body of ergonomic accreditation. Third, solesaver kensington under desk foot rest. This is best for quality / price ratio. It is possible to adjust it at three different heights and as many inclinations (respectively at 10 °, 15 ° and 20 °), thus offering a personalized comfort. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to gradually reduce any kind of annoying pain due to an incorrect posture. In particular, the pressure in the lower back is reduced and circulation is improved. There is a large non-slip surface for feet measuring 45 x 35 cm.


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