Best Computer Desk Cable Management


Computer desk cable management – For years I recognize that I have suffered with them, cables and cables, entanglements, not knowing which was which and some involuntary pull that ended with a hard drive on the ground are some of the problems I have suffered. But for a while, cables and I got along better. That’s how I fought against them and won. If you do a review of the devices you have connected to your desktop you may be surprised and see that some are not necessary.

For example, if your printer has the option to connect via wifi, why have it also by USB to your computer? Therefore, first reduce all computer desk cable management that are not really necessary or want to maintain. For example, you can choose wireless keyboards and mice. Unless you are a gamer and prefer the cable do not have problems. Anyway it’s a personal decision, because I do not play but I use an Apple keyboard with cable.

First of all by the numeric keypad and second because your two USB HUB serves me as I’ll show you later. Once you have clear which computer desk cable management are essential, the next step is to separate the devices. Keep the ones you really need on the table and the rest take them to another location that will help you to have a more organized and clean desk.


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