Building Rustic Office Desk


Rustic office desk – A home office is big, but working on your kitchen table does not really make it reality. Even if your home is too full to add furniture, the odds are that there is an unused corner or wardrobe somewhere that could be used to build a built-in desk.


Measure your expected location for rustic office desk. Change the measurement for any trim, mop boards or chair rails that you plan to leave on site. Order boxes from the kitchen department of your local home improvement store. Get measurements in your hand. Ask for installment set that usually comes with boxes. It should contain some special screws. Request a bench per your measure. Think about your home color scheme. Ask the shop end seal both ends and cut off the back splash section of your bench.

Bite and paint your drawers. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours. Fit the rustic office desk by bolting the cabinet / cabinet on the wall. If you have a trim, you must remove it or cut it to make boxes / cupboards fit flat against the wall. Cut 2-of-4 to fit your crooked area next to your cabinets / drawers, and nail it on the wall next to a support for your bench. It must be in line with the cabinet / drawers for the bench to be placed on top of it. Place the bench on top of the 2-by-4 and your cabinets / drawers and screw your bench to your boxes, 2-of-4 and the wall. Aim of rules, as your bench has a lot of weight.


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