Choosing Apothecary Cabinet Ikea


Apothecary cabinet ikea is an efficient and useful storage device. They take up little space, give a mirror in the bathroom (where you’re most likely to need it) and hold a lot of items. From makeup and shampoo to medicines and dressings. Replacing an old medical cupboard can also update the appearance of your bathroom — and make finding what you need inside it easier. There are a myriad of cabinet styles to choose from, but before you meet the stores, there are a number of important features and questions to consider.


Measure your space. Keep in mind that you need space for cabinet doors to swing completely open. You may also be able to get a larger cabinet in a smaller space by purchasing an apothecary cabinet ikea with led mirrors. If you want a smaller cupboard than your bathroom today, remember the wall can be created to accommodate the new look. Choose a cabinet that will handle your storage needs, plus offer future space to grow. Take a tape measure to the store to compare the inside of new cabinets with the inside of the cabinet you already own.

Select a locked cabinet. If you have small children and plan to store apothecary cabinet ikea, this is important. Even young children find smart ways to climb to medical cabinets and open “childproof” bottles. Select a surface-mounted cabinet for the easiest installation. This type of medicine closet hangs on the wall the same way a picture does. However, this type of medical cabinet protrudes from the wall. Selects a recessed cabinet if you cannot accommodate a protruding cabinet. This is harder to install, so you may need to hire a handy man or contractor to do the job for you.


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