Cottage Style Furniture Interior Design


Cottage style furniture – The Vintage Indian Front is decorate with iron ropes and bronze medals. Stylish home style updating your style by using only old wooden crates make into functional coffee tables with add value storage. Distress paint feels natural in antique village cabinets make of recycle old doors. Antique woods that are very old and naturally sparkling. A dining table make of antique doors complete with iron hooks and buttons made perfectly with wrought iron chairs. The old rural gate removes your kitchen coat into the statement. Green leaves on the copper planter draw attention to the natural patina that is hand carve and patent.

A texture color table runner will give your schedule an elegant. And elegant bohemian booth that works well in different colors. Take an old plantation and fill it with beautiful garden plants or herbal gardens. Brass bowls and brass tubes are use as the main fuel which is abundant with pumpkin. Pine and seasonal flowering bulbs bringing the beauty of the old cottage style furniture. Add decorations inspire by farmhouses. Made with homemade bouquets of flowers and flower arrangements that provide a beautiful personal touch.

Bring the theme of child care to the nursery by hanging an old full of photos of babies. The window gets a stylish cottage style furniture boost with hand woven fabrics woven by craftsmen in natural cotton fibers and bright colors. Place the village box full of seasonal  flowers on the window sill. Sari curtains are perfect for kitchen windows breakfast places. Other spaces where natural light adds a charming style. And some privacy without stopping the sun. Give your bedroom a farmhouse update right away by replacing the head of your bed with the Indian door 18C. Old mortar wood spices from Indian villages are converted into umbrellas.




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