Design for Bathroom Floor Plans


Bathroom floor plans – Maximize floor space in a bathroom by making every square inch count. Visit a showroom to learn about all types of luminaires. Ask for printing or free brochures about how to arrange a shower, bathtub or whirlpool tub, dresser and vanity. Look through the newspapers as well. If possible, go home friends to show their bathroom furnishings.


Determine which parts you want in your new bathroom floor plans. You may want a garden tub or a double-sink vanity. Review costs and determine how far your budget will go. Available floor space is also an important factor. You may be able to arrange a bathroom door entry. Or you may borrow space for the bathroom from an adjoining room. Measure your bathroom area. Sketch different ways to make a vanity, bath, shower and toilet seat fit with help with checked paper. Treat a square of squared paper as six inches, and drag all components from looking down from above.

You may want to place a garden tub close to a large window or install a chest of drawers in the corner. But do the vanity in focus the wall. A dressing table works best along a long wall or opposite the bathroom door. A shower, shower-tub or garden tub can be placed on one side when you enter the room. If the entrance is crowded, move the shower and tub to the far end. Get accurate measurements for all plumbing and fixtures. You may need to compromise in some ways. For example, you can include regular bathroom floor plans with jet plane versus a whirlpool tub. Try to balance all the components in a bathroom. Having an extremely large shower or bath can overpower the room.


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