Desktop Business Card Holder Diy Style


Desktop Business Card Holder – For starters, it’s a geometric business card holder that I chose to present to you. I loved the triangular design of this desk accessory. You can then perfectly align all your cards and distribute them to your visitors. To make this card holder, you will need a wooden cleat. Then you will need a saw. Finally, you will need sanding paper to finalize your creation.

This is to make a pencil holder and a card holder for his workspace. The desktop business card holder can also serve as a photo holder to put your pretty holiday pictures. So it’s up to you to see what you put in there: your business cards. Cut the cleat into two pieces of 11.5 cm long. Place the markers in advance using a ruler and a pencil. Use the saw to create two grooves: the one behind will be deeper than the one in front. On the second piece, place marks beforehand to drill holes 3 cm apart.

Use the drill to create six holes in the wood. Use the making tape on the drill bit to see where to drill. It’s time to move on to painting. Again, the making tape is your friend. It will be enough to delimit the area to paint and paint. And now you have your pencil holder and desktop business card holder ready for use! To have together or separately on your desk and to customize according to your desires.


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