Diy Desk Ideas Folding Types Planning


Diy Desk Ideas – Do you need a desk but do not know how to fit the pieces to fit inside the room? Undoubtedly, collapsible or folding furniture is the best solution for small spaces. If you need a desk, but you do not have room in the room or in the living room to place it, do not miss this project. You will learn how to make a folding desk that has storage space.

In addition, it is very decorative when folded. These diy desk ideas are composed of a structure and a folding door that acts as a tabletop. On the outside of the door, there is a frame formed by two folding legs and two fixed sides. The main advantage of this folding desk is that it only protrudes 20 cm from the wall when folded. Thanks to him you will have a place of work no matter how small your space is.

First, cut the pieces of the structure and the door with the circular saw. To do this, place the wooden board on a bench and fix it with sergeants. The next step is to assemble the structure of the diy desk ideas.  To do this, use fixing brackets to join the top and bottom board of 80 × 20 cm, with the two sides of 36.4 × 20 cm. Finally, place the board 76.4 × 16 cm inside as a shelf. Next, paint all the pieces .


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