Enjoy Your Small Eat In Kitchen with This Idea


Like so many things in decoration, ideas and solutions depend on the available space. However, there are multiple formulas to small eat in kitchen and create a dining area. Either integrated with a bar, on free tables or joining the dining room to the kitchen. We start with this modality that is increasingly use thanks to the new extraction systems. That allow eating on the island or peninsula near the cooking area. In the image above, the eating area has been created on the island, with a wooden worktop forming an L.

The original of this proposal is that the bar is below the marble countertop. Which achieves greater privacy. We rescued small eat in kitchen in gray and orange that we had already published complete. Because we really like the solution they have given for the cooking island. Whose worktop protrudes a few centimeters to create a mini bar with two stools.

The extractor hood is a modern model that is inserted into the ceiling. So as not to interrupt the general view of the kitchen. In a traditional style kitchen it is also possible to create a large breakfast area inside the island where one of the sinks is embedded. Small eat in kitchen usually have two zones washing: one for dishes and another where handled food (wash, drain …).


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