Fire And Regency Fireplace


Regency fireplace – The element of fire will bring more pleasure, enthusiasm, spontaneity and reputation if handled properly. But if the mistake can make too much energy for people to rest, argue, and even risk the fire. Because fire also symbolizes income, see where your home fireplace can help improve your cash flow. The best location for fireplaces is in the Northeast. This will heat the cold yin energy in the north and also feed the fire in North-East. The best position for fireplaces including East, Southeast and Southwest. There is actually a good chance here because all the instructions are good for the living room. And the fireplace is usually the center of the living room, one thing you saw before as a major feature element.

People also naturally gather around the fireplace, especially on winter nights. And stinging fire can be a great way to get people out of their rooms to share at family time. While the south is really good for regency fireplace, be careful to have a fireplace in the southern part of the house.  Because then you will focus too much fire on this part of the house and you will be at risk burning and uncontrolled. If you have a fireplace in the southern part of your home. In the south of the room, you can reduce the effect by adding water elements. Water does not have to be water  anything black or blue. With wavy lines or anything make of glass can cover your water and fire elements slightly down.

If your regency fireplace isn’t in one of these directions. There are a number of things you can do to make mistakes. Placing a large mirror across the room from the fireplace will double the fire. And it also gives you the ability to have a second “fire” coming from the direction you want from the fire. Another great way to support and “alleviate” the fire element is to add wood elements. At firefighters are supported by woodworking. So adding large plants and even keeping the chop wood beside the fireplace will fire an energetic fire as well. If you don’t have a fireplace at all. There is no way to install a mirror to reflect the fireplace from the position you want don’t be afraid.


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