Guide To Furnish a Blue Bedroom


Since every color gradation gives us a certain sensation, we must choose blue bedroom based on a factor. Let’s think about what we need to experience when we’re in our room. At this stage we must absolutely be sure of the choice we make. The reason is that if we had to change our mind, we would have to paint the walls again. Any changes require time and money, so better avoid making too many close changes.

After choosing the degree of blue that we like best, we have to paint the walls of the bedroom and take care of the mibes. We combine a light wood with dark blue walls, otherwise we risk making the room a bit too bleak. To bring out the color of the walls we could use lamps with soft light, perhaps tending to white. If we wish, we can lighten the blue bedroom using light fixtures, doors and windows. For example, the contrast with white or pearly could be an excellent solution.

The wardrobe, the headboard of the bed, the bedside tables and any chairs or armchairs must have these colors to best contrast with the blue tint of the walls. A mirror with a silver frame could create a beautiful broken effect and give elegance to the blue bedroom. If instead we have a room with light walls, we can orient ourselves on blue colored furniture. The walls with pearlescent colors tending to white are accompanied by large curtains and blue furniture.


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