How to Build Small Writing Desk


Small writing desk – If you want a desk that gives you plenty of space to spread and you need storage space too, you can create your own work area that will meet these needs. Save money and live green by getting previously used or discount materials. Desirable features for a desk include large area, robustness and drawers to write supplies and files.


Choose a flat door without carving or insertions. This will be the small writing desk surface. You can find cheap doors at save yards, flea markets, yard sales and second hand stores. Get a pair of two-drawer file cabinets to support writing the table. The deep ones (24 inches or more front and back) provide better support for the door. They are available in metal, oak and cheap faux wood finish. Place the door on a table or disk with the side that has the headrests for the door handle upwards. Use a screwdriver to remove the screws. If the twist has a tab or a hack, press release. You will need to twist a little to pull them apart.

Pull the door handle from both sides. If the door has a dead bolt or a separate door handle, unscrew and remove them as well. Prepare the small writing desk. Some require less fitting of file folder holders inside the drawers. Set up a box, such as the upper right box, for deliveries. Leave the cabinets blank until you have them in place. Place the cabinet file at each end of the place to write the table. Put the door over the cabinet file with the door handle hole against the wall. Adjust the cupboards so that the outer edges align with each end of the door.


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