How to Paint Small Office Desk


Small office desk – Painting is one of the fastest ways to recreate a tired and used desk. On the table you have is made of wood, you can quickly and easily paint and freshen up an old desk and reuse it for a home office or sewing desk. There are some simple steps to help you succeed as you paint your used desktop


Wipe it. Before you start painting or grinding you should see the small office desk clean and free of grease and dirt. Use hot water and soap to wash the table before you start. Remove hardware. If there are any buttons or hanging on your used desktop, you will want to remove them. Remove all the boxes and sand, prime and paint these as you do the rest of the desktop.

Sand it. When painting a table you do not need extensive sand in the wood. But you will want to make sure the surface of the desk is smooth and free from bumps or hacking. Prime it. Once you have finished cleaning and grinding the surface of the desktop it is time to fill it. This is an important step that you do not want to skip. Apply a layer of primer to the desktop and allow it to dry for 24 hours. Paint it. Once the primer on the small office desk has dried you can start painting. Add the paint with a brush or roller. Most benches will need a second layer of paint, so apply the first layer of paint and allow it to dry before applying other layer of paint.


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