Ideas for DIY Gaming Computer Desk


DIY gaming computer desk – Computers is as much a part of a house as any other smart home and requires the right furniture to make them fully functional. Building a computer desk turns out to be too complicated for some homeowners. The hardest part of this task will be to choose file cabinets that are the optimal size and complement your furnishings. File cabinet 30 inches tall should keep the computer desk at the right height.


Place 60-by-22-by-three-inch plywood on a work table with the good side down. Take the boxes from the two 18-inch-wide oak file cabinets. Turn them upside down and place them on piece of plywood with fronts facing you. Align the DIY gaming computer desk with the sides of the plywood. Slide them away so the back of the cabinet file is also with the 60-inch edge of the plywood. Attach them with 1¼ inch plywood or screws. Set bit plywood to the back of the cabinet file. Raise the plywood so that it is still with the bottom of the cabinet file and attach it with the 4-eyed box nails.

Turn the cabinet upright. Measure from one side of the top and make a mark of 30 inches. Next, measure from the back of the top and make a mark of 3 inches. Drill a hole at the top with 1½ inch paddle a little. Install the drawers back in the DIY gaming computer desk. Measure and cut the eaves edge ribbon 1 inch longer than each edge of the perimeter of the top. Follow one piece at a time with a hot iron, also holding the bottom of the top. Break the ends of each piece above the corners before placing the next play.


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