Ideas to Paint Red Painted Rooms


Red painted rooms – When painting a bold color such as red on white walls, you may need to apply a series of layers of paint in order to cover the original color of the wall and give the paint an even looking finish. Using a colored primer will help reduce the amount of paint layers you need to achieve this smooth, red finish. When you buy your primer, ask the person at the paint counter to add red pigment to each can to create pink primer for your project.

Ideas red painted rooms, remove all furniture from the room or move the furniture to the center of the room and cover it with a large tarp. This will prevent paint splashes from priming or staining your furniture. Remove the entire electrical outlet from the walls with a screwdriver. Place the caps and screws in a zip lock plastic bag so you can easily find them later.

Red painted rooms, apply painter’s tape for adjustment in the room if you do not want to paint red next to the walls. Soften the tape firmly with the side of your thumb to prevent the paint from bleeding under the tape. Paint any area on the wall could not be reached with your paint roller with a brush. Any part of the wall where you want to paint red should have a pink priming coat, or you can end up with a red blotchy or irregular looking wall.


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