Ideas to Wall Mount Antique Desk Lamp


Wall mount antique desk lamp is a great way to illuminate your work space without clogging up the valuable surface on your desk. After setting up the computer, the phone and the coffee cup, there is often little room left over for a traditional desk lamp. Fortunately, you can hang a wall-mounted desk lamp on any type of wall, even if your desk lamp is heavy enough. With the right tools and preparation, you can hang a desk lamp mounted on the wall in just a few minutes.

Place the antique desk lamp on the wall on your desk. Plug in the lamp and turn it on before hanging it, and move it on the wall on your desk until you find the hanging position that will provide the best lighting for your desk. Mark the mounting points of the lamp with a pencil. Nail a thin wire nail in one of the points. If the nail enters the wall easily, the lamp can be mounted with the tilt screws. If the nail will not penetrate the wall, the lamp should be mounted with expansion anchors.

Mount the antique desk lamp with the rocker screws by drilling a hole large enough to accommodate a swinging lever bolt and closed at each mounting point. Insert the thumbscrews into the lamp mounting plate, and thread the levers layered into the bolts behind the mounting plate so that the tips of the switching point closed towards the bolt head. Insert the lever bolt and closed into the wall until the lever opens behind the wall. Tighten the lever bolt while pulling out on the bolt to keep the lever pressed against the inside of the wall.


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