Master Bathroom Layout Ideas


Bathroom layout ideas can be fun if you plan carefully and take all the important factors in consideration. Spend some time thinking about issues like how much storage and vanity space you need. Using existing plumbing and electrical connections, windows and doors can save money. It is worth the effort to start your project with a detailed plan.


Check building rules in your city, along with all permits you need. Building standards may affect parts of your design such as pipes and plumbing. Sketch your new bathroom layout ideas on checked paper. Indicate where windows and doors will be, and the general areas where large parts will be placed, such as shower and vanity. Note places where you will turn your lighting and where you need sales outlets. Be sure to include storage space. This is a great opportunity to weigh whether expanding your bathroom is an option. As you progress in your decision making, your graph paper layout will be more detailed.

Select a focal point for your bathroom layout ideas, such as a high tech shower with attractive furnishings and interesting tiles. Imagine a double vanity if you share a bathroom with your husband. Cut out card fixtures that are sized to scale, and add them to your graph paper layout. Include enough storage space for items such as towels and soaps. You may be able to take some space from an adjacent closet in the bedroom for more bathroom storage. Take light from windows and existing fixtures into consideration, and indicate where you need additional lighting. Determine whether you want to recess or track lighting. Finish layout by deciding where you will put tiles, mirrors and shelves.


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