Mid Century Modern Bedroom Interior Design


Mid century modern bedroom – Mid-century is a design style that influenced. The development of the 20th century in architecture, interior, products, and graphics. Initially, this term has used to describe the design style in the mid-20th century, around the 1950s. On its own architecture, modern mid-century has the characteristics of a flat roof. Detailed angle and generally has an asymmetrical appearance with the use of large glass. Wide open spaces so that.

You can also bring modern mid-century nuances to any room at home, including the bedroom. The mid century modern bedroom will feel warm and natural with a touch of wood elements as its main material. There are several things that must be considered in applying the mid-century concept of a bedroom interior design style.

As mentioned earlier that glass is one of the characteristics of the mid century modern bedroom. Glass is a medium that allows natural light from the sun to enter space other than windows. Also, add a sliding door made of glass as a barrier between the bedroom. The outside such as a terrace, garden or balcony. The room is designed with large glass will have various views to the outside as access to blend into nature.


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