Minimalist Bathroom Layout Ideas


Bathroom layout ideas – Nowadays, people are choosing to build a house with a small size but has a location close to the city or if it can be located in the middle of the city. That’s because urban areas are very capable of supporting the lifestyle and the living needs of modern people today. Therefore, for homeowners with an area of adequate housing. They must be smart in managing the design and layout of the room in the house later. As for the bathroom part of the house, you can build a small, minimalist bathroom. Minimalist room design prioritizes the benefits resulting from the design.

If you only rationed the land that is narrow enough to build a bathroom, you can still get a comfortable bathroom when applying a minimalist bathroom layout ideas. To accentuate the impression of minimalist style, you should not put too much furniture. Put your elegant furniture only items that are deemed necessary.

Such as storage cabinets, trash bins, glass and clothes hangers and a towel holder.  To strengthen your bathroom layout ideas, place a small storage cabinet under the mirror. Then place the towel near the bath or bath, as well as the clothes hanger.


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