Sauder Desk With Hutch Perfect Solution


Sauder Desk With Hutch – Sauder Cornerstone Furniture is a collection of Sauder office furniture that has rounded, curved and edged storage edges and a cherry finish. It is also protected by Sauder’s Duraguard for heat and stain resistance. This brand includes desks, shelves, filing cabinets, and rabbit hutches. Sauder is a popular brand of office furniture and has numerous collections at different prices and quality.

Adding secret compartments and corners inside the desk is a practice that has been going on for centuries. The compartments create mystery and surprise for lovers of antiques and are a way to store private documents, jewelry, money or items out of sight of even prying eyes. While some secret compartments are quite elaborate, you can add secret compartments to a sauder desk with hutch that are simply made and difficult to observe. Measure the size of the opening where the secret compartment will go, such as the back panel of a divided drawer or compartment.

Cut a piece of wood common to this size to your forehead. Subtract 2 inches in width and cut the second stock piece to this size than the back. Lay the two pieces on a flat surface. Sand the edges of two lengths that face up around the corners as much as possible. The faces of these plates with rounded sauder desk with hutch edges will face towards the back of the drawer. Cut two pieces of the bag at the drawer height by the desired width for the compartment.


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