Standard Bedroom Size


Standard bedroom size –  The space needed for occupants in the room. As well as the area for furniture to be placed in the room. What is the Standard of the Bedroom Area? What distinguishes the size of the bedroom in a residential house is generally. Based on the designation of the main bedroom and children’s bedroom.

Theoretically, based on architectural science. The standard area is the master bedroom, covering an area of 11.15 m2 with the shortest side size of 2.845 m*. The minimum children’s bedroom area is 7.43 m2 with the shortest side size 2,348 m*.  The size above is the size clean (wall to wall). This broad standard is based on the basic. Needs of the room to sleep by taking into account the need for space to tidy up the bed. But it’s good you determine the standard bedroom size by considering the sizes. Of furniture that you will enter into the room because for the bed, the item is now available in various sizes including 100 cm, 120 cm, 160 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm for the width while for an average length of 200 cm.

And don’t forget to clean the bed, in the standard bedroom size it takes a room beside it at least 40 cm or as wide as a nightstand next to your bed.


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