The Awesome Bathroom Floor Plans


Bathroom floor plans – Maybe the bathroom is one of the neediest ceramics. Due to the ease in cleaning the room that is always exposed to water every time. But time has changed the trend of the bathroom that divides it into two types of bathrooms. Namely the wet bathroom and dry bathroom.

Dry Bathroom, With the presence of shower boxes that can prevent water splashed out of the box. We can now get to know the dry bathroom. Without water splashed here and there, of course. There will be no mess with bathroom floor plans that have a texture or called anti-slip. Then the selection of ceramic bathroom floor becomes freer and can adjust to the ceramic wall, or even combine with the feel of ceramics in other space.

Wet Bathroom, This is the type of bathroom that we are familiar with. Because of its more open with the bathtub or shower, then the bathroom floor tiles must also receive special attention. Especially if you still have a toddler under 7 years, then choose bathroom floor plans that have a rough texture, so as not too slippery and make us the easy slip. In addition to the ceramic floor texture, we also need to pay attention to the slope of the floor to drain the water faster to the channel.


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