The Best Style mid Century Modern Coffee Table


Mid century modern coffee table – With a small pressed board and rudimentary knowledge of carpentry. You can build wooden cubes that can be combined into a handsome coffee table to enhance the decoration of your home. You can leave the pressed boards unpainted in their natural color of the wood, or paint them in a single or variety of shades for a striking addition to your living room furniture. The added advantage of this project, in addition to its relative low cost, is that the cubes can be doubled as storage facilities in small houses and apartments.

Decide on the dimensions of wooden cubes that want to build judging by how they will fit in the size of the room and the area you want to merge into a mid century modern coffee table. A good idea is to make a floor plan and analyze if you want all cubes the same size, or if you are going to stack a couple of smaller sizes on top of each other. Buy wood that is easy to work with, usually a pressed board for this type of project. And in the amount of dimensions you select, allowing a little more. With a table saw, cut the wood according to the size you have previously determined will fit your room.

Mount all your cubes together using glue. Place wood glue along the edges of the bottom piece. Add all three sides at right angles, securing them with an air compressor and 1-inch nail nails. Add the fourth side. Sand the wooden storage bucket inside and outside, removing all rough edges. Apply a wood sealant on the inside and outside. Paint the storage box to match your color scheme. Stack the cubes together for an instant and cheap mid century modern coffee table.


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