The Types and Uses of Contemporary Fireplace Designs


Contemporary fireplace designs Very popular utilities and interior decoration items today. In fact, they are considered more ornate than utilitarian goods by many people. But, like other products, fireplaces also need proper care. This destination is served by fireplace tools that are useful and also complement the beauty of the fireplace. Contemporary designs of fireplace tools make them ideal for the maintenance of fireplaces and jewelry as well.

At present, tools contemporary fireplace designs are made of different materials, from which the most commonly used materials are brass, bronze, wrought iron, and stainless steel. The main tools used to maintain and beautify modern fireplaces include poker, shovels, tongs, brushes, brooms, stands and screens. So, let’s be familiar with this fireplace equipment:

Poker: Poker is a long, thin and sturdy metal rod that has an insulated handle on one end and two branches such as a sharp iron piece (usually a straight and curved one) on the other side. Basically, this is intended to ignite a fire and regulate coal or logs in the fireplace. This tool is usually made of brass or wrought iron and is well polished to make it sparkle. That’s the article about contemporary fireplace designs.


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