Unique Mid Century Modern Table


If we choose a style, we look for sofas or television furniture that is consistent with this. But many times our rooms are not pure and we like to put a discordant note. A personal and different detail that makes it unique. It is in those moments when small furniture comes into play. As the mid century modern table, where we can afford aesthetic licenses that are more vetoed in the heavier furniture.

Today we talk about different, rare, quirky and original mid century modern table that will be the hooligan, fun and eclectic point of our living room. If we want to introduce a vintage touch that breaks with the modern lines of our living room. This coffee table can be a great alternative. It is an original car from the mid-twentieth century.

The table with which we began this journey is brought to us by the Unamo Design studio. It is a table that at the same time is magazine and flowerpot, a three in a one that is composed of two other elements: two poufs that we can move to our liking according to what suit us at all times. A practical, striking and very original piece of furniture that puts functionality at the service of design, creating a mid century modern table that creates a cozy and modern atmosphere at the same time.


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